Summer Goals

You’ve heard it before. From your family, friends, and Facebook comments:

“Why are you doing work? Don’t you have off?”

“You can relax the whole summer! Don’t set an alarm!”

“Why do you even get a paycheck over the summer anyway?”

I’m well aware that it’s summertime. We are ALL well aware that it’s summertime. And while I don’t necessarily have to get professionally dressed, grab a Dunkin’ coffee, and head into work at the crack of dawn, I’m still going to “do” work. I’m going to set an alarm because I don’t want to sleep the day away. I’m going to relax because I don’t want to stress myself out before the next school year comes a-knockin’. And I’m going to get a summertime paycheck because that’s the money they owe me during the school year anyway! (Anyone else get paid over 12 months so your paychecks are smaller than they would be over a 10-month period? Actually pretty ideal.)

Teachers plan over the summer. Teachers come up with fresh, new instructional ideas. Teachers RECHARGE. Teachers take time to themselves to digest what worked and what didn’t work in their classrooms. Teachers take on MORE jobs to make ends meet. Teachers go to Goodwill and Office Depot sales to look for classroom essentials and to build their classroom libraries. Teachers revise and rewrite curriculum. Teachers organize. Teachers browse the internet for other teachers doing the same exact thing as they are right now.

In short, teachers aren’t just lying somewhere on the beach all summer. While that may be my goal, one day… during one entire summer… (retirement?), that’s not my goal this summer. I’ve set some goals for myself to accomplish because there’s something so satisfying about physically crossing items off of a to-do list. Five is a nice solid number, but of course, within those five major goals, are embedded, mini-goals… so the list goes on!

My Summer Goals:

  1. Spend more time with family and friends.
  2. Read as many books as possible!! (For pleasure, for professional development, for classroom library use.)
  3. Organize my Google Drive, compiling all of my files into one location. AND BACKING IT UP!!
  4. Finish planning first marking period. Probably second, too. Maybe third?
  5. Planning the minute details of our wedding. (To Do: suits, tasting, rehearsal dinner, bridal party gifts, flower girl dress, resize E’s ring, hotel gift bags, parent gifts, bridesmaid jewelry, book spray tanning, confirm flowers, confirm music in church, decorations, send addresses/invitations)

And relax. Take time to breathe. Take time to appreciate not feeling rushed to go from one place to the next. Take time to drink as much water as I want and use the bathroom whenever I need. It’s the little things.

What are your goals this summer? How much “summer” do you have left?

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