Feeling Good


Starting new things can be daunting, but I’m having some great feels for everything that is to come. I’ve been in my new classroom a couple of times since I was hired. Same county, but different location. After spending two years at the high school, moving back down to middle school will seem like unfamiliar territory at first, but I believe that middle school is where I belong. I laugh when people have those shocked expressions on their faces after I tell them that I love teaching middle school. “It takes a special person…” I believe it takes a special person to teach any grade level, but maybe that’s just me! You’ve got to have a niche for something, and middle school, you’re it for me.

I can’t wait to start decorating and organizing, but for now, I can only really organize my Google Drive into categories, sub-categories, colors… You know the drill. I have to wait for the custodians to wax my floors and make this room like new again! Of course, I’ve already started moving some things in – especially those things that took up too much room in my townhouse-basement. Even though I purged (I swear, I did), my classroom pile has taken over a good chunk of space down there. I hate walking by it and seeing it every day, so I’ve taken a few things here and there, as I go in and meet my new coworkers and get a feel for the place.

And so far, the feel is good.

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